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Main box

  • made of fine steel by cold pressing

  • the inner wall is attached with airproof and sound-absorbing material and dealt with resting-proof

  • the surface is sprayed plastic, with strong adhesiveness, erosion-proof and rusting- proof

Impeller and motor

  • the impeller is made of aluminum alloy, it is light and reliable

  • the roller bearing motor is made with imported bearings that are low noise, durable and low abrasion

Heat Exchanger

  • heat exchanger is made of processed hydrophilic aluminum foil

  • 70%-90% of the heat processed by the conditioner can be recovered during air exchange, which greatly reduces the cost for operation and the load of the system by 21%


  • The filter is made of gas cloth, chemical felt polypropylene bib-spin cloth and polypropylene melt and sprayed compound filtering material which can effectively filter out duct or pollen of or over 0.5um

  • The efficiency of the three-layer filtration has been proven to be 99.99% by testing and experiment.  The effect of filtration is very remarkable.  One and two layer filters can be special ordered. 

**HRV & ERV Functions in your home or office.

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