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Residential HRV & ERV

  • We currently offer Residential HRV/ERV in three mounting styles Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount & Recessed Ceiling Mount.

  • An enthalpy core recovers heat and humidity from stable air, which will be exhausting to outdoor, to fresh air, which will be blowing into indoor.

  • A convenient slide guide for the enthalpy core ensures an easy maintenance.

  • Normal Mode: above 32F ; Defrost Mode: below 32F and above 19.6F; Exhaust Mode: below 19.6F

  • Defrost control: The fresh air fan shut off and exhaust fan continues to work.

  • 2 optional settings: high/low ventilations


Electrical Specifications


In Door Temperature @ Cooling loading: 80.6F; Outdoor Temperature loading 95F
In Door Temperature @ Heating loading: 69.8F; Outdoor Temperature loading 41F

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